Ma La Xiang Guo

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‘’Ma La Xiang Guo'
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Ma La Xiang Guo

Alternative names 麻辣香锅
Pinyin má là xiāng guō
Type Stewed
Course main course
Place of origin China
Region or state Sichuan and Chongqing
Associated national cuisine China
Created by Chinese
Invented Chinese
Serving temperature >100℃
Main ingredients Meat, tofu, cauliflower, shrimp
Ingredients generally used Ham, onion
Similar dishes Unknown
Cook Time 20-60 mins


Ma La Xiang Guo also called Hot-spicy pot (Simplified Chinese: 麻辣香锅; Traditional Chinese: 麻辣香鍋; Pinyin: má là xiāng guō;) is a delicious dishes originating from Jinyun Mountain(缙云山) in Chongqing, and integrates local spicy flavor of Sichuan and Chongqing. “Ma La Xiang Guo” belongs to flavor of minority Tu and cooks using method of local citizens with characteristics of mixed flavor, spicy, hot, fresh, fragrant and oily. Though “Ma La Xiang Guo” is spicy flavor, it is very popular all over China. It is tasty with a variety of flavors. You can match diversified raw foodstuffs freely, which also can meet a majority of people with different appetites well.

Ma La Xiang Guo Introduce Jinyun Mountain


Spicy, fresh, fragrant, mix and match flavors.


“Ma La Xiang Guo(Hot-spicy pot)” integrates diversified meat and vegetables from all over the country and you can try the flavor of light saltiness or spicy. It has features of spicy but not dry, fresh but not fishy and fragrant lingering aftertaste.

In Chinese(Pronunciation)

Simplified Chinese: 麻辣香锅;

Traditional Chinese: 麻辣香鍋;

Pinyin: má là xiāng guō;


Calories 99(Per 100 grams)

Fat 5.23g(Per 100 grams)

Carbohydrate 9.73g(Per 100 grams)

Protein 4.62g(Per 100 grams)


Ma La Xiang Guo(Hot-spicy pot) is estimated to be 99 kcal per 100 grams of calories.


It is stated that local people like to stir a pot of vegetables with seasoning condiments to eat. When there are some guests visiting, they will supplement meat, sea foods, crisp sausage and bamboo shoots; the sliced bamboo shoot is delicate fragrant, the meat is tender and the yuba is fried in advance which can absorb the delicate flavors of all kinds of meats, and the mixed flavors create “Ma La Xiang Guo(Hot-spicy pot)”.

Ma La Xiang Guo Origin


Some chefs in Sichuan reorganize and develop Ma La Xiang Guo(Hot-spicy pot) based on spicy and dry pot dish, which becomes suitable to operation of restaurants. There are hundreds of vegetables to be applied. It focuses on spicy, hot, dry and fragrant for flavor. For hot flavor ranking levels, it fits to different people with a little spicy, slightly spicy, medium spicy, heavy spicy, super spicy.


3 cubes of fish bean curd

50 grams of dried tofu

Half of a onion

50 grams of ham

80 grams of lotus root

60 grams of celery

30 grams of shrimp meat

5 grams of coriander

1 spoon of pot flavoring

Spicy peanut


Garlic slice

1 spoon of light soya sauce

1 spoon of oil

Some salt


Ma La Xiang Guo Recipe

Step 1

Cut fish bean curd, dried tofu and ham into slices, peel, clean and slice the lotus root, clean celery and cut into segments, clean onion and cut into strips, and thaw the shrimp meat for further use. Put oil in a pot and heat, add pot flavoring and stir until fragrance using small fire.

Step 2

Put in garlic slice and stir until fragrance using high heat, put in lotus root slice and stir for 3 minutes and then add fish soybean curd, dried tofu, ham, onion and shrimp and stir for 3 minutes, and then add celery and stir for 2 minutes.

Step 3

Add light soya sauce, cumin, and salt in sequence and stir for half a minute. Finally, put in spicy peanut and coriander and stir-fry well.

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