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Chinese Candy Box

What is Chinese Candy Box?

Our passion at China Candy Box is to spread the love for fun Chinese candy all over the world! We are totally in love with everything candy, and candies are a big part of the authentic China experience. To bring that experience to you, we carefully handpick the most popular candy & candies that Chinese people actually eat, and curate them into an exciting monthly box you’ll surely love! Discover China through seasonal candies, limited edition Chinese candy and flavors that are not available anywhere else. Directly from Chongqing to your door!

How Chinese Candy Box Works?

BEST Chinese candies We carefully handpick the most popular candies you'll surely love!

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE The shipping is absolutely FREE to every country worldwide!

100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEED Experience the fun candies and flavors that are not available elsewhere.

What's In Your Box?

Each box has 10 items inside, and you will get two of such boxes each month. The boxes include Chinese sweets and DIY kits, savory candies and seasonally chocolates as well. Each box is different, so each time will be a surprise.

Chinese SWEETS

Chewy candy, hard candy, and gummies with flavors such as White Rabbit Candy.

Some change their flavor when mixed, or have mystery tastes where you don’t know if it will be sweet or sour before you try it.


During winter months we'll include chocolates such as 申浦, Golden Monkey Food and other brands.

We've sent out green tea and wasabi chocolates, and even a choco-gummy hybrid where you dig through chocolates to find gummies hidden inside.


Make your own candy by following easy step-by-step instructions that only take a few minutes.

Colored candy foam with sprinkles, stretchy candy, candy shaped like sea creatures or bubbles and more.

Why Subscribe?

Try unique flavors

Discover new tastes and concepts not available in your own country.

Surprises twice a month

Shower in surprises arriving to you directly from China. With two boxes a month, it's like birthday AND christmas every month.

Choose Your Plan

Choose the plan you like the most, place your order, and your first Chinese candy box will ship in a few days!


US$ 21.90 /mo

12 exclusive Chinese candies every month

FREE Shipping Worldwide

Recurring 1-month plan

Cancel anytime


US$ 20.90 /mo

10 fun Chinese candies every month

FREE Shipping Worldwide

Ends after 6 months

Save US$ 6


US$ 19.90 /mo

10 fun Chinese candies every month

FREE Shipping Worldwide

Ends after 12 months

Save US$ 24

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