Chinese Sesame Soft Candy

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Chinese Sesame Soft Candy

Alternative names 芝麻软糖
Pinyin Chinese Sesame Soft Candy
Type Fresh, sweet, soft
Course Snack
Place of origin China
Region or state China
Other Cooking time: 20 Minutes


Chinese Sesame Soft Candy (Simplified Chinese: 芝麻软糖; Traditional Chinese: 芝麻軟糖; Pinyin: Zhīma ruǎn táng;) is a famous flavor food in Guangdong Province. It includes strip shapes and flat shapes, with a cream color and a crystal, translucent appearance. It tastes sweet and crisp, pure and delicious, rich in nutrients, and has the effects of soothing stomach, clearing intestines, relieving cough and treating constipation.

Chinese Sesame Soft Candy


Fresh, sweet, soft

In Chinese(Pronunciation)

Simplified Chinese: 芝麻软糖;

Traditional Chinese: 芝麻軟糖;

Pinyin: Zhīma ruǎn táng;

In English

Chinese Sesame Soft Candy


According to legend, as early as the Tang Dynasty, Changzhou began to use maltose and sesame seeds to produce a kind of sesame candy, which is called Ma Tuan (sesame ball-shaped candy).

At the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, State Jin’s army made a large-scale invasion to the Central Plains. Zhao Gou, King Kang of the Northern Song Dynasty blindly compromised and sought peace, and did not want to recover the lost land in the north. The common people are very resentful about this. The local people in the Changwu changed the shape of the candy Ma Tuan into a blunderbuss-like cylindrical shape and gave it to King Kang to inspire his courage to resist the Jin’s invasion and to recover the lost land.


Corn starch 30g

Wheat flour 30 g

White sugar 80g

Maltose 120g

Water 150g plus 30g

Salad oil 20 g

Cooked white sesame seeds 50 g

Cooked peanuts 20 g


Chinese Sesame Soft Candy Recipe (1)

1. Add water to the flour several times, stirring the flour while adding water until it becomes a paste. Add sugar, water, and 10 grams of salad oil to a non-stick skillet. Cook the sugar to melt over medium heat until boiled.

Chinese Sesame Soft Candy Recipe (2)

2. Add the the paste and stir while heating.

Chinese Sesame Soft Candy Recipe (3)

3. Add maltose and the remaining salad oil.

Chinese Sesame Soft Candy Recipe (4)

4. Continue to heat, do not stop, until the paste gradually becomes thickening and stirring can’t be continued.

Chinese Sesame Soft Candy Recipe (5)

5. Turn off the heat; add peanuts, a small amount of cooked sesame seeds, mixing them evenly.

Chinese Sesame Soft Candy Recipe (6)

6. Put it in oil paper covered with sesame seeds, sprinkle with cooked white sesame seeds on the surface, flatten the candy, and wait for it completely cooling down. And you can also put the candy in the refrigerator to speed up the cooling.

Chinese Sesame Soft Candy Recipe (7)

7. Cut the chewy candy into long strips, cut the strips into cubes, then stick the cooked white sesame seeds all over the cubes, and then pack it.


Sesame: Sesame contains a lot of fat and protein, as well as nutrients such as saccharide, vitamin A, E, lecithin, Ca, Fe, Mg and so on.

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