Ningxia Food

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Ningxia Food


Ningxia cuisine is consisted of household dishes, casual dishes and high-end banquet dishes. The Muslims cuisine becomes the main part of Ningxia cuisine because Hui nationality is concentrated in Ningxia.

In Beijing, Guangzhou and Hainan etc, Ningxia cuisine is the favorite dishes of the consumers due to its focusing on seasoning condiments match, investigated raw materials and cooking methods. Especially some large scale restaurants out there praise highly to Ningxia traditional flavor dishes very much, for example, the Crisp leg of mutton.


The beef and sheep are the main foodstuffs of Ningxia cuisine, which always accompanied by tomato and a variety of seasoning condiments, prickly ash, anise, aniseed, chili, garlic, onion, ginger etc. The flavor tends to be sour and spicy, and the way to eat is relatively heroic.

Steamed Lamb In Clear Soup

清蒸羊羔肉: It is cooked by being steamed in a cage and is to eat with dippings. The color is pink and the meat is tender and not greasy without fishy smell.

Braised Lamb Chop

烩羊杂碎: Cut lamb head, heart, lung, stomach and intestine into shreds, and stewed well with soup stock, and eat with seasoning condiments. It is tasty with heavy fragrance.

Clover Elbow

丁香肘子: It is also called Elbow with hair singed. The cooking process includes putting pig elbow in boiling water, coloring, knife working, loading in bowls, steaming in cage and pouring sauce. It is fat but not greasy, thin rather than firewood, soft and rotten palatable and mellow taste.

Sweet And Sour Yellow River Carp

糖醋黄河鲤鱼: It functions as nourishing liver and notifying kidney.

Hand Catching Mutton

手抓羊肉: Hand catching mutton is a famous traditional snack in Ningxia region.

Wuzhong Boiled Hen

吴忠白水鸡 Wúzhōng báishuǐ jī: This dish is especially investigated in raw materials in Wuzhong district, and is famous with elaborate process, and is so to be called “Wuzhong boiled hen”.

Crisp Fried Chicken

香酥鸡 Xiāng sū jī :It is a local snack in Yinchuan, features of which are fragrance, crisp and tender.

Avena Nuda Fried With Red Chili Oil

燕面揉揉 Yàn miàn róu róu: Avena nuda fried with red chili oil is a folk snack that originates from Guyuan region and currently spreads in Ningxia.