Lao Gan Ma

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Lao Gan Ma

Alternative names 老干妈
Pinyin Lǎo gàn mā
Type Spicy, sweet, fresh and fragrant flavor
Course Seasoning
Place of origin China
Region or state Guizhou
Other cook time: N/A


Lao Gan Ma or Tao Huabi (Simplified Chinese: 老干妈; Traditional Chinese: 老乾媽; Pinyin: Lǎo gàn mā;) oil chili is one of the traditional flavor foods in Guizhou. The products have been carefully brewed with the traditional craft for recent decades, with the characteristics of elegance, delicacy, outstanding spicy and long aftertaste. It is a must at home and a good gift for relatives and friends.

Lao Gan Ma


Spicy, sweet, fresh and fragrant flavor.

In Chinese(Pronunciation)

Simplified Chinese: 老干妈;

Traditional Chinese: 老乾媽;

Pinyin: Lǎo gàn mā;

In English

Lao Gan Ma

Tao Huabi


Calories (kcal) 864.01 (Per 100 grams)

Carbohydrate (g) 7.80 (Per 100 grams)

Fat (g) 74.80 (Per 100 grams)

Protein (g) 6.60 (Per 100 grams)


Lao Gan Ma or Tao Huabi is estimated to be 864 kcal per 100 grams of calories.


In 1984, Ms. Tao Huabi produced seasoning with a special flavor using her unique frying technology, which made the majority of customers enjoying eating and spreading it.

After mass production in 1996, it quickly became a hot spot of sales in China. Laoganma is the largest pepper production and sales enterprise in China. It mainly produces more than 20 series of products, such as flavored fermented soya beans, flavored chicken oil chili, spicy vegetables and flavored fermented bean curd.

Lao Gan Ma History

Laoganma Food Co., Ltd

Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Food Co., Ltd. is located at No. 138, Jianlongdong Road, Longdongbao, Nanming District, Guiyang city. Founded in 1996, the company now has a four story multi-functional office building and four production bases, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, with more than 2,000 employees, 246 of whom are management and technical personnel.

Lao Gan Ma Logo

Tao Huabi(陶华碧)

Tao Huabi(陶华碧)

Tao Huabi the “Laoganma” was born in 1947 in a remote mountain village in Meitan County, Guizhou Province. Because her family was poor, Tao Huabi never went to school. At the age of 20, she married a member of Geological Team 206, but in a few years, her husband died of illness, leaving her and two children behind. In order to survive, she had to work and do street vending.

In 1989, Tao Huabi, with the money that she saved, built a simple "affordable restaurant" along a street of Longdongbao, Nanming District, Guiyang City, with bricks picked from everywhere, selling cold rice noodles and cold noodles.

In order to win customers, she thought hard and figured out the unique "great idea" that others did not have: others just add pepper, MSG, soy sauce and shallot and other materials, while she made the spicy sauce, a special ingredient for mixing cold rice noodles.

In July 1996, Tao Huabi borrowed two houses from Yunguan Village committee of Nanming District, recruited 40 workers, and set up a food processing factory specializing in the production of spicy sauce, named "Laoganma spicy sauce". Tao Huabi also carried spicy sauce herself to food stores and canteens for trial sales.

Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp

The deeply caramelized chilies, garlic, onions, fermented soybeans and peanuts give this chili paste unbelievable layers of flavor and texture, while Sichuan peppercorns add a mouth-tingling zip.


Calories (kcal) 690.73 (Per 100 grams)

Carbohydrate (g) 6.80 (Per 100 grams)

Fat (g) 72.60 (Per 100 grams)

Protein (g) 5.20 (Per 100 grams)

Lao Gan Ma Chili Oil

The deeply caramelized chilies, garlic, onions, fermented soybeans and peanuts give this chili paste unbelievable layers of flavor and texture, while Sichuan peppercorns add a mouth-tingling zip.


Calories (kcal) 653.92 (Per 100 grams)

Carbohydrate (g) 6.40 (Per 100 grams)

Fat (g) 68.10 (Per 100 grams)

Protein (g) 6.30 (Per 100 grams)



Canola Oil


Monosodium Glutamate


Prickly Ash


Sulfur Dioxide

Sodium Sulfate

Sodium Sulfite



Spicy hotpot

Raw material: 160g of Laoganma hotpot bottom material

Preparation method: put 160g of Laoganma hotpot bottom material into boiling water of 1.2-1.5kg, and when the fragrance overflows, you can quickly cook and eat meat and vegetable dishes of various kinds.

Spicy pork ribs

Ingredients: ribs, a quarter of one kilogram of garlic sprouts, a bottle of Laoganma chili sauce, a little of seasoning, Sichuan pepper and salt.

Fried squid tentacles with Laoganma spicy sauce

Main ingredient: Squid

Other ingredient: 100g of Laoganma flavored water fermented soya beans

Seasoning: cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, sugar, chicken essence, shallot

Lao Gan Ma Fried Noodles


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