Inner Mongolia Food

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Inner Mongolia Food


The characteristics of Inner Mongolia cuisine are mainly reflected in the flavor of Mongolian nationality. The Mongolian diet is nomad flavored, taking mutton, milk, wild vegetables and cooked wheaten food as main materials. The cuisine advocates plump and natural, paying attention to the original flavor of raw materials.

Famous Food

The famous Inner Mongolia dishes include: roast lamb leg, roast whole sheep feast, grilled mutton eaten with hands, milk tea, koumiss, naked oats noodles, Zhuozishan Smoked Chicken, air-dried beef and mutton, Mongolian pie and so on. In addition, Steamed Pork Dumplings, a common food of Hui nationality, is also popular in places such as Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.


Mongolian cuisine is characterized by a variety of meat, including beef, mutton, deer, ostrich… almost all kinds of meat on the grasslands, mixing with Mongolian characteristics of seasoning spices, the unique cooking method makes beef more unique in flavor. It could be the perfect combination of material, spices and recipes.

Cook Method

The cooking method is relatively simple, and the most popular method is roasting. The cuisine advocates plump and natural, paying attention to the original flavor of raw materials.

Milk Tea

Milk tea: the salty tea with a strong flavor of milk. Milk tea is a traditional Mongolian hot drink, which is cooked with brick tea and milk. When eaten, it is generally accompanied with cakes and other wheaten food, which has the functions of warming stomach, relieving thirst, appeasing hunger and helping digestion.

Roast Whole Sheep

Roast whole sheep: the mutton is in a complete shape of sheep, the color is golden brown, the surface of mutton is crisp, and the inner part of mutton is tender and fragrant. This is an authentic Mongolian dish, about 20 kg of the whole sheep could be enough for all the guests at feast to enjoy as much as they like.

Roast Lamb Chops

Roast lamb chops: this is a dish in the Mongolian traditional whole sheep feast in the past. The golden brown sheep is greasy and shiny, and underneath is a layer of tender green lettuce. A Mongolian knife is diagonally inserted between the lamb chops, and the meat fragrance is filled around the table, making you can't help but have a good meal.

Hand Grilled Meat

Grilled mutton eaten with hands is a traditional dash of nomadic people in Hulunbuir Pasture Land for thousands of years, and it is also the most commonly used and favorite food for herdsmen. grilled mutton eaten with hands generally uses sheep as the material, no chopsticks are used while eating, catching food with hands only.