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Hsu Fu Chi.jpg
Name 徐福记
Name_en Hsu Fu Chi/Xu Fu Ji
Foundation 1992
Founder N/A
Location Dongguan, Guangdong Province
Products Candy, Snacks
Homepage www.hsufuchifoods.com


Founded in 1992 in mainland China by Xu's four brothers from Taiwan, Hsu Fu Chi focuses on the production and operation of candy, snacks, Sachima, chocolate, jelly puddings, and other snack foods. Hsu Fu Chi’s sales and market share in the domestic candy market have consistently ranked first since 1998.

Hsu Fu Chi Su Xin Tang


In 1994, the brand Hsu Fu Chi was established to enter the market as New Year's candies and successfully established the operating foundation in the candy industry.

In 1997, Singaporean Transpac Group joined the Hsu Fu Chi Camp to establish BVI Hsu Fu Chi International Group and established Dongguan Xuji Food Co., Ltd., which specializes in the sustainable development of the Hsu Fu Chi brand candies in China.

In 2006, Hsu Fu Chi listed in Singapore and entered a new milestone in the world.

In December 2011, Nestlé purchased 60% shares of Hsu Fu Chi for US$1.7 billion and provided technical and marketing support for recipes, R&D, quality control and so on for Hsu Fu Chi brand series.

On October 30, 2019, some media sources reported that according to an anonymous insider’s reveal, Nestlé is seeking to sell two Chinese subsidiaries, Hsu Fu Chi and Yinlu, for over US$1 billion (equals to appr. RMB 7 billion).


New Year's Candies

With wide variety and fashionable packaging, it is suitable for all ages! It is the best choice as gifts to relatives and friends.

Hsu Fu Chi New Year's Candies

It includes crisp candy, fresh milk candy, peanut candy, nougat, brown sugar, plum candy, durian candy, gummy candy, corn candy, etc., with fashionable packaging, diverse tastes, and is the best choice for personal leisure, friend-sharing and family reunions.

Festive Candy Series

It is specially designed for sweet and festive occasions such as engagement, marriage, childbirth, baby’s full moon celebration, birthday celebration, graduation celebration, housewarming, etc.. It includes hard candy, soft candy, children's candy, etc.

Hsu Fu Chi Festive Candy Series

Other Series

Sachima, biscuits, pastries, brown rice rolls, etc.

Hsu Fu Chi Sachima