Guizhou Food

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Guizhou Food


Guizhou cuisine is authentic local dishes in Guizhou. Guizhou cuisine is composed of three major parts: ethnic cuisine, folk cuisine and toast cuisine. It is characterized by purely hot, strong fragrance, freshly sour, and thick taste.

In a narrow sense, Guizhou cuisine is the one characterized by local seasoning, which has been recognized and popular in Guizhou for a long time. In a broad sense, no matter where the raw materials come from, as long as they conform to the taste habits and cooking methods of Guizhou people, they are Guizhou cuisine.


The characteristic of Guizhou cuisine is to pay attention to the variety of tastes, naturally tasty, and the seasoning is also unique, such as tomentosecalyx elsholtzia leaves (Mu ginger leaves), mint and so on, and all kinds of food are equipped with their own dipping juices. There are many local secret recipes, which is the most important feature of Guizhou cuisine.

Street Food

Special snacks of Guizhou cuisine: Silk Doll, Changwang noodle, Huaxi beef rice noodle, shrimp mutton rice noodle, vegetarian noodle, rice noodle, rice tofu, Zhenfeng glutinous rice, spicy-flavored rice, Anshun pancake roll, soy bean milk noodle, Zunyi chicken egg cake, Bijie stinky tofu, Lei’s family tofu rolls, In-love bean curd nuts, Bijie sweet dumpling with soup, potato crackers, fern crackers, corn crackers, pastry & crackers porridge, No.1 Scholar hoofs, ice paste, rosy crystal noodle, Meitan eggs wrapped with the “brilliant”, etc.


Guizhou cuisine is divided into spicy, salty and sweet, fish-flavored, black pepper spicy, hot pepper oil, salt and pepper, sauce, mashed garlic, sour and spicy, sweet and sour, fragrant grains, litchi, sesame sauce and so on, with spicy fragrance as the main feature.

Famous Food

Good-luck spareribs (鸿运排骨)

Spicy hairtail (糟辣带鱼)

Spicy shredded meat (糟辣肉丝)

Zunyi rice noodle in mutton soup (遵义羊肉粉)

Guizhou-flavored roast chicken (黔味烤鸡)

Guizhou Hot Pot

Chong Qing Hot Pot is the most popular snacks in Guizhou. Medicinal diet, clear soup, spicy, you can find whatever flavored hot pot you love. Second, there is local hot pot in Guizhou, such as Fish in Sour Soup, beef hot pot, Yanglang chicken, green pepper fried with chicken, rib soup milk pot, pig’s large intestines, pig’s upper hoofs, pig’s stomach hot pot, beer duck, dry pot duck, Spicy Hot Pot, hot and sour, hot and spicy, spicy hot and sour, You name it. There are always new varieties of hot pot launching the market one after another.


Potato snacks, grilled corn, spring rolls, stewed peanuts, and roasted tofu. Lei’s Family bean curd rolls, Xiao Bao ice paste, bean jelly, casserole powder, mutton powder, braised beef powder, Zunyi rice skin, bean noodle, etc.


Guizhou cuisine is most influenced by Sichuan cuisine, and some Guizhou-flavored dishes are the evolution and development of Sichuan-flavored dishes. Sichuan flavor is known for its spicy taste, while Guizhou flavor is dominated by spicy fragrance. There is still a difference between the two.