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Gansu Food


With Gansu culture, Dunhuang art as the background, Gansu cuisine (or Longcai in Chinese) is based on main ingredients along the Silk Road. It combines the "halal cuisine, Longyuan regional home food, snacks" and the fine recipes of the other major cuisines, and on the basis of inheriting the traditional specialties, it learns and sorts out a unique food system that adapts to the local diet customs and habits, forming a unique cuisine system. Gansu cuisine has a long history and profound cultural background, and is a magic flower with local characteristics and national customs blooming in the Chinese culinary art garden.


The ingredients of Qinghai cuisine are organically green, nutritious, pollution-free, strong antioxidant, and long sunshine time. It is especially featured by five spices (bitter beans, badian, mustard, cumin, garlic) and five flavors (sour & spicy, salty & fresh, bitter, five spices, hot & spicy). It is dominated by the original ecological ingredients, so it is unique among the major schools of Chinese cuisines and adapts to all people.

Lanzhou Noodles (lanzhou lamian)

Lanzhou Noodles (lanzhou lamian, 兰州拉面). In Lanzhou, it is called "beef noodles". The process of making beef noodles takes about three minutes, so beef noodles are very popular as a fast food breakfast in Lanzhou.

Snow Mountain Camel Palm

Snow Mountain Camel Palm(雪山驼掌), also known as Silk Road Camel Palm, is the most fascinating dish of Gansu cuisine.

Agate Sea Cucumber

Agate Sea Cucumber(玛瑙海参). The dish is named after agate, metaphorically elegant and beautiful, rare and precious. Agate Sea Cucumber has an agate color and smooth-taste, tasting purely mellow, is a traditional famous dish of Gansu cuisine.

Lanzhou Roast Suckling Pig

Lanzhou Roast Suckling Pig(兰州烤乳猪). Roast Suckling Pig has a golden brown color, crisp skin and tender meat, fat but not greasy, tastes extraordinarily delicious.

Goldfish Nostoc (Steamed Meat with Nostoc in the Shape of Goldfish)

Goldfish Nostoc(金鱼发菜) is a top-grade dish with the famous nostoc in Gansu. It is so named for the dish is in the shape of goldfish. The best cooking of Goldfish Nostoc is from Qingyang Road, Lanzhou City.

Tianshui Pickled Celery Soup Noodles

Tianshui Pickled Celery Soup Noodles(天水浆水面). It is a popular cool noodles and main food in summer. The cool and sour taste can relieve the summer heat. It is made by pouring pickled celery soup on the hand-made noodles.

Lamb Mutton

Lamb Mutton (羊羔肉). A kind of Hui food; it is made of the famous Jingyuan lamb as the main ingredient, supplemented by dried chili, sweet potato noodles and kind of vegetables, stewing them done.

Others Food

Northwest Sweet Distillers' Grains 西北甜胚子

Longnan Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Buds 陇南花椒芽

Buckwheat & Vegetable Roll 荞麦蔬菜卷

Red Plum & Lily 红梅百合

Dunhuang Fotiaoqiang (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall) 敦煌佛跳墙


Lanzhou 兰州

Lanzhou Beef noodle 兰州牛肉面

Sweet distillers' grains 甜胚子

Cold starch noodles 酿皮子

Gray beans 灰豆子

Steamed frozen pears (with dates, rock sugar and dried tangerine) 热冬果

Baiyin 白银

Jingyuan lamb mutton 靖远羊羔肉

Sour meat 酸烂肉

Yi Wo Si (golden threaded pancake) 一窝丝

Dingxi 定西

Longxi bacon 陇西腊肉

Crisp food 酥食

Tianshui 天水

Gua Gua (buckwheat starch pieces) 呱呱

pickled celery soup noodles 浆水面

crisp doughnuts 酥圈圈

Longnan 陇南

potato jelly 洋芋搅团

Butter-fried flour tea 油面茶

Wuwei 武威

Troika 三套车

Wuwei gluten noodles 武威面皮

Jinchang 金昌

Mutton padded rolls 羊肉垫卷子

Zhangye 张掖

The “firecrackers” 炮仗

Square-shape noodles with beef 牛肉小饭

Jiuquan 酒泉

Paste pot 糊锅

Dunhuang 敦煌

Donkey meat yellow noodles 驴肉黄面

Pingliang 平凉

Jingning roast chicken 静宁烧鸡

Guo Kui (crusty pancake) 锅盔

Qingyang 庆阳

Local hot pot 土暖锅

Buckwheat noodles 饸饹面

Linxia 临夏

Dongxiang mutton eaten with hands 东乡手抓

Riverside square-shape noodles 河沿面片

Jiayuguan 嘉峪关

嘉峪关烤肉 Jiayuguan BBQ


Butter tea酥油茶

Tibetan twisted dumpling 藏包