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Li Hongzhang Chop Suey

Alternative names 李鸿章杂碎
Pinyin lǐ hóng zhāng zá suì
Type Salty taste
Course Main course
Place of origin China
Region or state American Chinese cuisine
Other Cooking time: 45 Minutes

What is Chop Suey

Lee Hung-Chang Chop Suey(Simplified Chinese: 李鸿章杂碎; Traditional Chinese: 李鴻章雜碎; Pinyin: lǐ hóng zhāng zá suì ), also known as Lee Hung-Chang Hodgepodge, is a famous dish rich in color, fragrance and taste, which was accidentally invented by Lee Hung-Chang in the United States. This dish is made of sea cucumber, fish belly, squid, magnolia, beancurd sticks, etc.

Chop Suey

Lee Hung-Chang Chop Suey rocketed to fame and became a runaway success in the United States. This is the origin of this dish. It is said that some Chinese cooks came to the United States during the Great Gold Rush to provide food for miners and sell this dish to the drunken American miners.


Salty taste

Cooking Method


Chop Suey in Chinese

Chop Suey(Li Hongzhang Chop Suey) is called 李鸿章杂碎(lǐ hóng zhāng zá suì) in chinese.


Li Hongzhang

Place of birth: Hefei, Anhui


Per Serving: 270 calories; 17.5 g fat; 12 g carbohydrates; 16.4 g protein; 39 mg cholesterol; 803 mg sodium.


There are two story versions circulating between China and the United States.

Chop Suey in Chinese Version

In 1896, Lee Hung-Chang took the opportunity of attending the coronation ceremony of Russian Emperor Nicholas II to travel around Europe and the United States. During this period, he invited American guests for meals. In order to reconcile the tastes of Chinese and foreign guests, the chef made bold innovations to mix celery, bean sprouts with cured meat, which went popular among the Americans. Besides profuse praise, the Americans also asked Lee Hung-Chang about the name of this dish. Lee answered casually, “Chop suey”.

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Chop Suey in American Version

After he arrived in New York, he banqueted American guests on the evening of August 29th, attempting to establish fine Sino-US relationship. He knew that there was a known saying in the United States: “The way to a man's heart is always through his stomach”. During the banquet, Lee Hung-Chang served a dish made of celery, bean sprouts, meat and delicious Chinese sauce to satisfy the dual tastes of Chinese hosts and American guests.

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Step 1

Cut the sea cucumber, fish belly, squid, magnolia and beancurd sticks into slices of 5cm long and 1cm wide. Boil and then shell the pigeon eggs. Mix chicken (100g), pork belly, scallops with scallion, ginger and Shaoxing wine and steam them until all the flavors mix well. Cut chicken, pork belly, and cooked ham (40g) into slices of 5cm long and 1cm wide. Grate and rend the scallops with hands. Cut cooked white chicken and cooked ham (10g) into shreds. Mince the fish and mix it with shredded scallops, and then steam the scallop balls for use.

Step 2

Put all the slices, pigeon eggs, white chicken, pork belly slices, cooked ham (40g), scallop balls, and water-borne mushrooms into the pot, and then add the raw sauce of steamed scallops and seasoning until all the flavors mix well.

Step 3

Take a large bowl, pick out water-borne mushrooms from the mixture and put them onto the bowl bottom, place the pigeon eggs around the mushrooms, then spread the other materials in terms of their color, neatly arrange them into the bowl, and finally dump all the crushed materials and steam for 5 minutes. Decant the raw soup into the pot, upend it into the large circular disk, put the cake ring (4 cm in diameter and 1 cm in width) on the mushrooms while the shredded ham and chicken in the yolk ring, boil and thicken the raw soup and pour some lard stearin (10g) over the hotchpotch, put the salted duck egg yolk on the top, and insert spinach stems under the egg yolk.


Main Ingredients

Chicken (100g), soaked sea cucumber (50g), cooked white chicken (50g), cooked ham (50g), oily fish belly (50g), soaked squid (50g), water beancurd sticks (50g), yolk cake (50g), 12 pigeon eggs, pure fish (100g), soaked magnolia pieces (100g), soaked water-borne mushrooms (30g), cooked white pork belly (100g), 10 grains of scallops.


1 large spinach stem, 1 cooked salted duck egg yolk.


Callion (25g), ginger slices (25g), salt (25g), Shaoxing wine (25g), chicken soup (250g), and lard stearin (60g).

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